With a modern bakery and a flourishing retail estate of 60 + premises, our client faced a number of obstacles in terms of the amount of waste being sent directly to landfill, the number of contractors it was employing to manage waste removal/ transfer and the financial return it was receiving for many of its recyclates.

Our experience in providing advice and consultation on how to manage and minimise waste as well as assisting in the collection, transport, processing, recycling and disposal of waste materials for a wide variety of business sectors, meant we were soon called on.


Our first aim was to find a solution that worked for our client and to understand exactly what waste was being generated from each site, what they were doing with this waste and how the sites interacted with one another.

Before long it became apparent there was an opportunity for our client to use their delivery vehicles to backhaul waste and recyclates to their main bakery site, rather than having small amounts collected regularly from each outlet.

To ensure the bakery staff were able to cope with increased levels of waste, we agreed the specific number of vertical bailers, compactors and large waste containers that were required. In order that our client could benefit from a maximum return on high volume recyclates such as cardboard and 98:2 polythene, we installed mill size bailers, capable of producing 400 kg – 500 kg bales. We developed a solution for the separation of waste bread previously being sent for anaerobic digestion, meaning this product could now be sent for animal feed. This solution resulted in the client being paid a rebate, rather than paying for its disposal.

Working across a number of management teams we set up scheduled collections for the recyclates, waste bread, waste food and general waste. We also agreed response times for emergency callouts to assist with higher than expected requirements and reviews to ensure that we are all working well together.


To our client’s management team, interacting with a single contractor has been a breath of ‘fresh’ air. No longer do they have to spend time and money managing multiple contractors. By dealing with one contractor they’ve been able to invest time to ensure we at Fresh Start know exactly how their business works, what they want to achieve and more importantly, the time frames they want to work too.

By bulking up their recyclates they’ve been able to ensure that the rebate levels they receive are significantly higher than previously received. By working with us and taking on board our advice and suggestions, they’ve also been able to considerably reduce disposal costs for waste bread, while adding in a new rebate line.

We at Fresh Start take great pride in providing excellent service and aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. A collection schedule is set and adhered to and direct access is provided to a number of our transport coordinators that are on hand to cope with additional collections as and when the need arises.

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