The-Bigger-the-ChallengeWhen Fresh Start placed its first wagon on the road in 2006, this was done with the vision of becoming the largest independent waste collector within the wider North West area.

Since emptying our first bin, Fresh Start has continued to expand its operating area and the service offered to its customers.

November 2014 saw us take a further giant stride forward in our growth plans, when our application to add 7 additional vehicles to our operator’s licence was approved by VOSA.

This great news has allowed us to plan well ahead into this year and beyond!

Orders have been placed to add the new vehicles to our fleet throughout 2015. Three additional wagons will be joining us before September, with plans to extend further in 2016.




Click here for more information on our vehicle fleet. Or if you would like us to provide you with a quote, please call : (01942) 879 440.


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