Fresh Feedback required!

At Fresh Start Waste Services we take quality very seriously, from the moment we receive the call for assistance, all the way through the service experience until the job is completed and the customer has the desired outcome.

15338894087_d9d6bae116We also appreciate that our customers are the ones that are best placed to help us improve our service offering.

At Fresh Start Waste Services we believe that there is no such thing as the ‘standard’ or ‘typical’ client. Consequently, we think that there should be no such thing as the ‘standard’ approach to delivering a complete waste management service.

Whether its general waste collections, cardboard collections or food recycling, skips, rolonofs or wheelie bins, we are interested in what you have to say. Help us improve todays service tomorrow and have your say…

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If you would like to speak directly to a member of staff, call us on (01942) 879 440 or send us an email.

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