Growth at Fresh Start

With a wide range of waste producing clients requiring our services across Greater Manchester and the wider North West region, we at Fresh Start recognise the considerable advantage of being able to self-deliver a full portfolio of waste collection services without the need to outsource to a third party.

It is this progressive commitment to waste management that has seen us invest in our very own skip wagon, capable of transporting a range of open or closed containers and portable compactors, common to many manufacturing and production facilities.


Working in tandem with its bigger brother, the Hook Loader aka ‘Rolonof’, we see both vehicles playing a full and active part in aiding many of our clients to live up to their food recycling commitments.


On a daily basis Fresh Start are collecting bulk loads of waste food which is being directed away from landfill for either composting or anaerobic digestion, where the resulting methane gas is used for energy production.

Supporting these 2 bulk waste carriers is our curtain-sider. Capable of carrying up to 30 pallets at a time, the curtain-sider is ideal for collecting materials that can be recycled such as card and plastic.


With waste legislation constantly in a state of flux, having a complete waste management solution in place with a single service provider ensures communication is easy, best advice is at hand and the back-office processes seamless.

Contact us:

If you are generating bulky waste items, food or none food, baling recyclates or just need a bin, then please contact us for assistance on (01942) 879 440 or fill in our contact form, and we will be in touch shortly.

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