Here at Fresh Start, we’re committed to investing in modern technology, helping to improve our customer service, and benefit the environment.

As our waste collection business has grown to encompass waste management service across Manchester, Lancashire, East Cheshire and parts of Merseyside, so too has our fleet of vehicles. With an Operating License for 30 waste collection HGVs, ranging from Roll on Roll off’s (RORO’s) and Front End Loaders ( FEL’s), to Curtain Siders, Skip Wagons, Top Loaders, Standard Compaction and Pod Wagons, Fresh Start have the versatility to undertake an expansive range of waste services for a varied customer base.

The use of our multi-functional pod wagons allows us to collect multiple waste streams within a single vehicle, on a single visit, helping to lower our carbon footprint, and minimise disruption on site. The vehicles are real winners when it comes to collecting waste food or glass in the 6 m3 pod, and general or mixed recycling waste in the main compaction body.

Fresh Start Waste Services - VWS Weighing EquipmentAs technology has become available to improve weight recording accuracies, Fresh Start has been at the front of the queue, meaning over 70% of our vehicles are now equipped with bin weighing equipment. The choice of weighing equipment used is supplied by Vehicle Weighing Solutions (VWS), which have held a long term working relationship with us. Our Operations Director, Joe Rogers declared:

“We have worked with VWS since we started the business over 9 years ago, primarily using their underbody weighing systems. Around a year ago we began installing their EnviroWeigh bin-weighing system and the impact on our business has been significant. It is very accurate and integrates well with the software that we use in our trucks.”

The on-board weighing technology allows us to accurately record how much waste is being held in each single container for the individual customer, as well as having the ability to produce reports, detailing the lifts and recorded weights, along with providing detailed collection information.

Being able to supply such information has helped to improve customer satisfaction. There is nothing better than open transparency when it comes to explaining the true benefits of waste segregation on site.

As government taxes associated with the disposal of general waste continue to rise year on year, lift rate charges naturally vary to reflect the weight in the bin, meaning the heavier the general waste bin, the higher the lift rate. The weighing technology means we can track a months’ worth of data and show it to our customer’s. It doesn’t automatically mean increasing the general waste lift rate is the only way to deal with increased taxes. Waste food collections or glass waste segregation are great ways to remove weight from general waste and pay less.

As a committed waste collector, we feel this is a positive step forward, and that by highlighting the issue of an overweight bin to the customer, we’re able to promote the environmental and commercial benefits of recycling and waste segregation.Fresh Start Waste Services - Pod Wagon - Close up - Controls

As a company, we’re committed to recycling as much as possible. Since opening our own Materials to Recovery Facility in 2010 based in Swinton, Manchester, we’ve increased the amount of materials diverted from landfill.

At the depot, we have the facilities to segregate waste glass, card, plastic, metal and food waste, before it can be moved on to a third party to be recycled and reused.

Over the last 12 months, we estimate that we’ve recycled and diverted for energy generation over 50,000 tonnes of waste. We’re proud of the recycling figures we are able to achieve and we strive to increase performance every month.

Take a look at our monthly Recycling Infographics to see how we’re getting on!


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